The brand was built on a mid-century design aesthetic in order to conjure up the romantic feelings of travel from that era. When we think of travel in the 1950’s and 60’s, we immediately get these glitzy images of PanAm, TWA, and the Concorde; we think of roomy cabins filled smoke, booze and a jolly good time; people dressed to the 9’s, living the high life – it was less like crammed sardines and more like the Beverly Hilton. So much of the industry is filled with companies who want to automate every part of the booking experience, removing all life and energy and fun from the booking process. It was so cool to work with a company who embraced the opposite and wanted it to be felt throughout the identity.

The name, ‘Nomad Hill’ came from that idea that many travelers today, both young and old, are often drawn to this idea of being a “nomad.” Its an adventurous moniker, a romantic idea that one could always be traveling, always seeing something new; never old or boring. And a hill is most commonly a place of perspective. Travelers seek new ideas and new perspectives on life – they seek the confluence of cultures, global education, immersion and transformation.  And so the name represents the adventurous spirit encapsulated in these two words together, having the added benefit of sounding almost like a proper noun, which helps it to be easily remembered.

The mark is the visual foundation of the Nomad Hill identity. It was created to be a direct representation of the Nomad Hill name;  a series of meandering, ‘nomadic’ lines across the face of a hill.